Support Small Businesses as a Community?

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January 14, 2018
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January 24, 2018
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Support Small Businesses as a Community?


Hello Florida Shopping Guide readers! Are we having the best weather in the USA or what? It’s great to live in Florida, we are definitely blessed!

Today we want to talked to you about our Local Small Business Owners and why we must support them when making any purchases. At Florida Shopping Guide we know it is hard sometimes to get out of our comfort zone and avoid the shopping centers but think about it, how much of the money you spend stays in Florida to be reinvested in our Local Economy?

Florida Shopping Guide | Be Local, Buy Local

Local Small Business Owners reinvest their profits, shopping locally. It’s an economic circle, the Miami Furniture Store owner buys his vehicles tires at the
Miami Local Tire Centers, then he eats dinner with the family at the Miami Local Restaurants, utilizes the services of Miami Local Dentists and so on. It goes around, because the businesses he visits then do the same, and some day end up at his Furniture Store.

Big corporations, get the money you spend at their stores and take it back to their main centers, whichever that state is. You can see how that problem affects every day Small Business Owners and it drains the local economy. Studies show that for every $100 that spent at a Local Small Business, $70 stay locally compared to $40, when you buy at a big retailer.

Another advantage is that you get to meet the people that provides you with your products and services, you can have a one on one experience with a person that cares about what they do. Contrary of when you spend your money at a chain store, many employee’s don’t care about the experience a customer might have.

Another thing is the customer service, you know how hard it is to solve things over the phone with those 800 numbers, they transfer you a thousand times and then you lost the connection and need to start again. With a local small business, the owner will always be careful that you are satisfied, and even the employees feel more responsible since they know you can complaint so easily to their boss.

Thank God we live in South Florida, where the traffic of people visiting our cities increases everyday, improving the chances of local economic growth. At Florida Shopping Guide we recommend that next time you go out shopping, why you don’t think about it and give the Local Business Owners a Chance to serve your needs.

For a list of Businesses in South Florida, check our Local Business Directory where you will find anything you need, that’s right, no big retailers here!!!