12 Reasons to Start your Business in Florida

How to Start your Business in Florida: Part 5 Get your Domain
January 11, 2018
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January 18, 2018
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12 Reasons to Start your Business in Florida


Florida Shopping Guide friends, we are your preferred Local Florida Business Directory this is the 5th part on How to open your Business in Florida.

For starters, the Florida weather is perfect, a bit warm but zero snow

How many times do you think that businesses lose money in other states because of the snow? Many times it does not allow them to open their doors? In our opinion we have one of the largest and most talented work forces in the nation and pay 0% of personal taxes to the State! (only property taxes)

Florida Shopping Guide | The Best Place to Open your Business


  1. Ranked # 4 at USA level in women business owners.
  2. Positioned the 4th largest economy in the United States and number 19 in the world (if Florida was a nation)
  3. We have the third largest population in the USA with 19.9 millions residents
  4. 98 million tourists visit Florida annually
  5. More than 153 billion annual trade exchanges
  6. Over 800 billion annual products manufactured in Florida annually, we are number 4 in the USA and larger than Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and Argentina
  7. 810+ billions in personal income, we are the # 1 in the Southeast of the nation
  8. Florida is a pro-business owners state
  9. There are no personal taxes 0% !!!!
  10. The # 2 preferred state by merchants
  11. # 4 with fewer unions in the private sector
  12. Among the best 5 environments for business taxes
At Florida Shopping Guide we realize the potential!

Many times we don’t realize the potential of the place where we live in, but when we evaluate the possibilities then we understand that we are in the perfect place to realize our dreams.

No matter what business you want to start, in Florida you will find the necessary tools to achieve it.

Believe us when we tell you that with all the businesses that we have helped before, the government offices are always available to help, and that does not mean that you will always find someone who makes things a little difficult, but everything is always solved.

The economy is growing and construction is over the top, think of all the places that you’ve seen new houses being build, highways are being expanded, and companies are moving in. With so many people moving to Florida, there is opportunity for every business to grow.

At Florida Shopping Guide, we are being aggressive in the advertising of our Local Small Business Directory since we know we can create opportunities for them to find new local customers.

In our next post we’ll be writing about “How to raise the Capital to Start your Own Business in Florida” Don’t forget to share these series of posts with your friends and family.