Should I join the Chamber of Commerce?

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December 29, 2017
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January 2, 2018
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Should I join the Chamber of Commerce?


Welcome to a new year, 2018 will be a great time full of opportunities and challenges but we will come out victorious at the end. Florida is the land of opportunities where there is a space for every business and service to be successful.

That said, we were asked a couple of days ago by one of our customers if they should join the chamber of commerce, our answer was a clear “NO”! Why you may ask? Well, here’s what we think:

  1. Too Expensive: The Miami Chamber of Commerce fees goes from $820 for a General Member up to $10,000 for the Chairman’s Circle… and that’s every year!!! Think about it, are you ready to spend $820 to become just a “General Member” and here is what you get:
    • Framed Membership Certificate… well that’s a very expensive Certificate I guess.
    • Invitation to complimentary Chamber Connection networking receptions throughout South Florida, here you’ll meet with the same business owners exchanging business cards every time in hopes they can sell you something.
    • Company listing in Business Directory on… I guess noone goes to the Chamber of Commerce website to search for businesses, anyone telling you other thing just ask yourself when was the last time you did that?
  2. No Strategy for your Business: When we were part of the Chamber years ago we found that every meeting is based on business owners and everything is directed to them and how to keep them as members. There were never a strategy on how to reach customers or expand your business.
  3. Their Team is not Business based: We found that their employees are really charming and really care about the members but that was it, they were not business owners and that means they can’t realize the struggles we go through. When they were asked questions on meetings they didn’t have concrete answers, most of them tells you what they learned in College, but if you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll know that college and street smart are too different things.
  4. Wrong Networking: While we are true believers in Networking, we also believe that there is a right way of networking. Going every month to meet the same people and exchange the same business cards is a loss of valuable time.


But relax, at the Florida Shopping Guide Business Directory we learn from others and simplify the process. For over 25 years we’ve been studying the relationship between Business Owners and their Communities, there is no better way to connect them than simply letting them learn about each other. Business Owners have a message to communicate and local customers do too, but often they don’t connect with each other.

  • First, we believe that a Local Business Directory should not be there static waiting for customers to find it, it should connect with local customers through different media vehicles, such as Social, Search Engines, Email, etc…
  • Second, business owners should not be overcharged for the service, they must pay a fair price for the service, where they can communicate their message and have access to different strategies without making a hole in their bank accounts. Our packages start at $9.99 x month for one city up to $29.99 for all South Florida with no contracts!
  • Third, business owners should have access to discounted prices on the services they need, like printing, uniforms, signage, etc…
  • Fourth, not all businesses have the same needs, there are businesses that are focused locally, like a Bakery located in Homestead, Florida that won’t need advertising in Aventura, but there are businesses that need more coverage, like a Restaurant in Doral, Florida that can receive customers from all South Florida. Should they spend the same amount of money in their advertising? Of course not, the Homestead Bakery should focused their marketing efforts on their local audience, maybe even to Cutler Bay, Florida while the Doral Restaurant can be more aggressive on their strategy and focus on a larger audience.

We are planning to start FREE local networking events where we can brainstorm between Business Owners on what we need and search for solutions, no need for memberships or fees, everyone can come and join the conversation.

If you will like to receive more information on when it’s going to take place and how you can join all of us, just fill the form below and we’ll let you know when were coming next to you!