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February 16, 2018
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Why gun control makes sense…

Hello Florida Shopping Guide readers, today we’re gonna talk about a sensitive subject running all over the news now, gun control.

A couple of days ago, an unbelievable act of violence took place right here in Broward County, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Nikolas Cruz took the life of 17 innocent victims in a cowardly act of violence. As sad as we are, we want to expose our beliefs related to gun control in the USA.

Watch the following video before you continue to read:

You will hear some saying “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” or “They can use a knife, a car, a truck, etc…” All that is true, but a knife, a car, a truck and other things were not designed to kill, guns have the unique purpose of killing or ending life, whether it’s used for hunting or killing a human being.

We totally agree that everybody deserves the right to posses a gun for protection, but we think there should be some limits. Why does a private citizen need to have 20 guns? There should be a limit, for example if you have 5 weapons and want to buy a new one, you should be obligated to sell or trade one of the weapons you owe.

If you have been under any kind of mental health treatment, you should not be cleared to buy a gun, or if you do you should be required to have a professional evaluate you every 6 months. Is that too much to ask for? How much is that compared to a life.

Bullets should also be controlled, there is no need for a person to have 1,000 rounds of ammunition at their house.
Sadly, we don’t agree that guns should ne controlled until tragedy touch us.

In schools, there should be security, that’s obvious but there should be some trained teachers carrying a weapon. As crazy as it sounds, a metal detector will not stop a shooter from coming inside a school. But if you take 5 or 6 teachers and security personnel and train them with some kind of police or FBI designed training, we’re sure they can be the first line of defense on a situation like this.

Active shooters are cowards that attack places where they know they will overpower everyone, but if they know there are armed and trained people inside the building, for sure they will think about it twice.

No one knows for sure what to do or where to start, but we need to start a serious converstation where more control is part of the solution. Thanks for visiting us and see you next time!