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Decorating children rooms…


When the client decide to hire us to decorate his son’s or daughter’s room, is is because he has already “fallen in love” with the idea you offered, and that involves (among other things) the combination of colors, space distribution and functionality of the elements that make up the new room.

The Montessori method is, without any doubt, the best counselor for the rooms of the smallest (from 0 to 6 years old). From 6 years onward it is also a good method but the personality of the “owner of space” begins to gather strength and that is when you must know how to mix ideas.

To maintain a style of minimalist and elegant decoration, we have based on the use of monochromatic colors, using white as a base and black in smaller quantities for children and soft tone of gray with some touches of white and a few of black for girls.

It is recommended the use of stickers with basic geometric shapes that are repeated, in black, for one of the walls and in this way create a balance with the white background. It’s a matter of variety of taste, but already the colorful rooms become outdated. It doesn’t mean that some pastel tone can’t be added, but the calm that the monochromatic grant doesn’t compare.


When I had the opportunity to decorate the room of Matias, the youngest children of the venezuelan singer Nacho, it generated much controversy the fact that the room was monochromatic, but it is about opening the mind a little towards the modern and stop thinking about a mix of stunning colors for the rooms of the spoiled ones of the house.

In addition, Inger (Matias’s mom) chose the panda bear as the main theme and was definitely the best choice for her baby. As for the elements to add, the furniture must be within reach of the child for the promotion of order and self-discipline and also a space where only he or she can enter, with “privacy”, something like a small tent or a teepee.

Designing the space for Micaela, the daughter of the host and actress Ana María Simón, we let the complementary furniture have a leading role, in this way we fabricate a bookshelf with tree shape with a retractable table to do what she likes the most: homework.

To finish, it is very important that if you take the decision to hire a decorator/interior designer for any space of your home or office, open your mind to new trends and work hand in hand with your decorator.