What to expect on your Home Appraisal?

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What to expect on your Home Appraisal?


Hello Florida, it’s a great day with great weather today, as you know we live in the Sunshine State and we need to be grateful because when everybody is freezing, we are enjoying a beautiful sunny day with a great 65 degrees!

Today, a gentleman came to appraise our property and there were a couple of things we needed to do before he came. We went the extra mile since we wanted him to see the house on its best day.

These are a couple of things we did before the appraisal:

  • We did a major clean up, got rid of everything we were not using, including garage, closets, kitchen, and rooms.
  • Painted everything that needed a retouch.
  • Fixed all things that were broken, or were not working right.
  • Cut the grass and clean up the yard.
  • Remember that everything is about perception


The day of the appraisal!

  • The house was completely clean.
  • We lighted some candles with odor.
  • Turned all the lights on, including TV’s. (That way he knows all lighting works in the house)
  • If you have dogs, take them out, you want his experience to be a good one. The dogs will bark, smell and get in the way. Even if he is a dog lover like us, he can get annoyed by them.
  • Turn the Air Conditioning on and put it cold.

He came and measured the whole house, took pictures of everything and checked the attic and garage, closely inspected the exterior and interior of the house. He also went on the yard and took pictures of the house from the outside. According to him, it will take 2 to 3 days to prepare a blueprint and give the final appraisal.

The report will include:

  • The home size and conditions.
  • Records of structure damage.
  • Notes of developing projects in the area.
  • Pictures, sketched blueprints, and maps to the property.

We hope these tips will help you get ready for your home appraisal.

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