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January 9, 2018
How to Start your Business in Florida: Part 4 Registration of the Name on Sunbiz
January 10, 2018
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How to Start your Business in Florida: Part 3 Creation and Registration of the Name


Hello Florida Shopping Guide friends, your preferred Local Florida Business Directory this is the third part on How to open your Business in Florida.

In this post we’ll talk about the name of your Business, one of the most complicated parts when starting your business and one of the situations that we see the most, is that everyname that comes to our mind, someone thought about it first. So it is unlikely that you will find simple names, which is why they use compound names, since they are more likely to be available with the state of Florida and the Internet.

Any name that comes to mind must have a meaning and must be related to the product or service you offer, for you it is obvious what the name of your business means but for others, your business name can be an enigma that’s impossible to solve. That is why the name of your company must be clear and precise. The amount of advertising we see daily in the media, makes it easier to recognize some businesses from others. For example, Burger King, it’s simple you know they sell burgers, they tell it to you on their name, and they also tell you that they are the kings in the market, but on the contrary, if Mc Donalds did not do so much publicity and you did not know that they sell It would be impossible to know, the same with Wendy’s, but not with Taco Bell “tacos” or Kentucky Fried Chicken “fried chicken”. That means, if you don’t have billions on budget for advertising, please choose a name that identifies your business easily.

So if you want to use your name as a name for your business, there is no problem, but you must include a word that identifies you, such as Carla’s Beauty Salon, John’s Landscaping or Carl’s Computer Repairs. In each of the examples the business is explained clearly, the client has nothing to decipher.

You already have the name, now the steps to follow are:

  1. Go to this address and verify the list of fictitious names in Florida: ►◄ There you will write the name of your business and you will see if someone else has it, if you do not see it on the list it means that it is available.
  2. fictious-name-registration-sunbiz-florida-shopping-guide

    This fictitious name has a cost of $50 and its registration lasts for 5 years. With this fictitious name you can open the bank account DBA (Doing Business As) this means that this account is in your name, doing business on behalf of “the name of your business”. With this type of registration with the state and this bank account, you can start receiving credit card payments, you can request an employer identification number and a Sales Tax Certificate that way you can request not paying taxes on all purchases of materials and products that you will use in your business to produce an income.

  3. If the name is available in, the next step is to verify that the domain is also available, for that I recommend GoDaddy, we have used them for over 8 years and we never had any problems. Click here ►◄ If the name is available in GoDaddy, then you can proceed to register the name in, but remember that this process should be done as soon as possible because if someone else does it first the name will be theirs and you have no way to get it. There are also companies that are dedicated to buying names on the Internet and then sell them overpriced to those who need it. Soon we will show you how to buy your “domain” for less than $ 4 for your first year.


    Now that you know how to verify that your unique business name is available with the State and Godaddy, the next step is to make it yours. On our next post we will cover the Registration of your Business Name, so come back for more information and share this post with your friends now!