How to Start your Business in Florida: Part 2 Development and Concept

Start your Business in Florida Part 1
January 7, 2018
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January 8, 2018
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How to Start your Business in Florida: Part 2 Development and Concept


Hello Florida Shopping Guide friends, your preferred Local Florida Business Directory this is the second part on How to open your Business in Florida.

It is very possible that before reading this course you have an idea of ​​the type of business or service you want to offer, but it is important that you follow a few steps before starting.

You must be very clear about how important it is to have a plan, if for example I start this tutorial talking about the taxes of your business and from there I jump to the creation of the Website and continue with the development of the name, you will get lost. The same thing happens with your business, you need a written plan from the beginning, as if you were following a map to find a treasure.


This way you must develop the concept, you may have a new idea, something that nobody has done before, if it is a service, you have to develop what it is going to be, what equipment will you need to create or acquire in order to provide that service, if for example is a carpet cleaning company, you must think how you are going to be different from others, will you be more economical? That should not be your only difference, since someone can always be cheaper than you. So think more deeply about what you are going to differentiate of others: products of superior quality, guarantees, customized service, etc … you can realize that many times you prefer to pay more for a higher quality product even if it has a higher cost.

You need a detailed concept, are you planning on starting a Children Day Care? Decide the colors you will have on the walls, the decorations of the rooms, will you have a camera in all the rooms so that parents can see their children from their work at any time of the day? Does it include meals? Will the children wear uniforms? Are you just going to be a day care or will you be teaching too? In what area is it going to be located, remember that the area has a great influence when it comes to deciding how much the weekly or monthly cost will be. As Realtors always say location, location, location…

All these things are important when developing the concept of your business or service, this will guide you to the next stages that will include the name and what type of establishment you need to locate.

On our next post we will cover the Creation and Registration of your Business Name, so come back for more information and share this post with your friends now!