Start your Business in Florida Part 1

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January 6, 2018
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January 8, 2018
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Start your Business in Florida Part 1


Hello Florida Shopping Guide readers, as your preferred Local Florida Business Directory we have lots of followers asking us for advice on How to open a Business in Florida? So we decided to write a guide that will be divided in a couple of posts from how to create the concept to register the Business with the State of Florida and develop the Marketing Strategy and Management of the Business. We hope it is useful to you, and if you know someone that wants to Start their own Business, feel free to share these series of articles with them.

How many times have you thought about opening your own business? There are many people who try but fail and so many others do not even begin. It is a dream that you’ve had all your life but you have never decided to pursue it, either due to lack of information, fear or motivation.

In this course we will cover all possible areas that you are going to need to Start your Own business in Florida. It may be possible that you can use it in other areas of the United States but as the title says it is focused in Florida.

The motivation to write this course is born of our passion for business and the satisfaction of helping people like you to achieve their business dreams, to obtain a better lifestyle for you and your family.

As you can imagine we must have some kind of previous experience before we have decided to write this course.


But most of what we have learned in business we have learned from reading other people stories, talking to other business owners, what we call “street experience” very different to what you learn in College.

For years we have had the opportunity to help different entrepreneurs to start new adventures on their businesses and there is nothing more exciting than that for us. We have worked with a variety of different businesses in Florida, including: Bakeries, Beauty Salons, Construction Companies, Churches, Accountants, Doctors, Mechanics, Personal Trainers, Event Coordinators, Cigar Distributors, etc… In short our experience has been very varied but in all cases the problem was the same, lack of knowledge on the part of the owners of the business, which generated additional costs and loss of money.

It is for this reason that we decided to do this course that will help you start your business from creating the concept to the moment after having started operations and advice for the administration of it.

We need that before continuing to read, you analyze yourself and begin to establish priorities, this course can be of great help and can even help you to achieve success in your business life, but this only works if you commit yourself to read and study it in depth. It is similar to people who always say that they are going to write a book but never do it, millions of people propose things daily but only a few do them. You have to be one of those few people, create goals and then proceed to make them happen.

On our next post we will cover the Concept Development and How to Register your Business Name with the State of FLorida, so come back for more information and share this post with your friends now!