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Wallpapering vs Painting


When people ask me if it’s better wallpapering or painting, I usually prefer the first option, I prefer the wallpaper because it gives the unique, original and creative touch that identifies your space.

If you get bored of its design and color, you can choose to replace it when you want, which is why I recommend use the removable wallpaper. If you get dirty in the move or your children made a mess of it, they can be washed with soap (not bleach) and a small brush with soft bristles even.

You can create a mixture of patterns and make sure that your space is truly unique, without fear of mixing streaks with flowers and dots or simply new designs of daring patterns by a recognized designer. You should never forget that if it’s a small space it’s not recommended to wallpapering all the walls as it can make the space even smaller visibly and, always in this case you should opt for clear tones.

Even the youngest of the house are benefited with the idea of wallpapering because there are factories that made removable and washable wallpapers with educational designs, made to measure according to the space you want to cover (custom designs). Some of them with 3D images depending on their age.

As for the cost, in some cases it is higher than painting but it’ll always depend on the type of paper, the collection and the designer it belongs to, but it’s worth install it!

Would you choose painting after all these fun pro-wallpaper reasons? I’m sure you would think twice…