MAISON & OBJET: Textiles, furs, brass and glass OH MY!

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January 4, 2018
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January 5, 2018
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MAISON & OBJET: Textiles, furs, brass and glass OH MY!



Maison & Objet is a lot like sticking a child in a candy store, with endless selection and new shiny things in every corner, it is hard not to get lost in this world of style and whimsy. During our time at Maison & Objet at the Miami Beach Convention Center, we came across a lot of trends that we see not only in furniture but even fashion. Here are some of our favorite trends, that to put it simply, are KILLIN’ IT!

Cobalt Blue

YES! Blue is such a romantic hue. Sure we associate love and passion with red and pink and shades of blush, but blue is the color of the sky that gently welcomes us to each day, the color of the ocean that we dive into to wash away our worries and now, the statement color of the moment. One of our favorite examples was from our friends at Fendi Casa who brought in one of our favorite designers Paul Mathieu to put blue back on the map. Check out this amazing set up.


Table Clusters

Why have one table when you can have 4 or 5 or even 6 of these really chic petit tables to create a layering world of space and design. We had seen this before at Minotti and now we saw this everywhere we looked at Maison & Objet. This seems like a trend, but certainly taste this good will become a classic. Perhaps, we will be sharing with you some of our favorite layering tables in some of our projects (hint hint – we are sharing that with you!) Here is an example of how Maison & Objet layered on the style.


Mid-Century Style

Wood grain visible in modern furniture pieces, brass, color schemes of blues, emerald greens and earth tones come colliding together to form nothing short of an operatic moment. Bold and understated this is a trend that we hope never goes away. Many times we find that design gets ahead of itself and has to employ some of the more classic elements to make futuristic design that much more interesting. This is one of our favorite examples of Mid-Century style announcing that it is back and here to stay.



We love this retro meets subtle tones of modern day! We affectionately title this trend “throwback” because it is where brass and marble dance. It is a perfect example of today paying homage to yesterday. We hope you enjoy these throwback elements as much as we did.