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Custom Pools Miami

Our award-winning designs range from very formal, upscale, old world replicates, to natural lagoons with waterfalls, vanishing edges, wetted edges, beach approaches, bridges, heat pumps, and various other water features. Custom Pools has designed and constructed swimming pools and spas featured in the Miami Herald Newspaper, on WLRN TV, and on “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous.”...Read more...

Address: 13250 SW 131st St., #100, Miami, Florida 33186
Tel. (305)255-5315
Website: www.custompoolsmiami.com

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Calypso Pools at Florida Shopping Guide

Calypso Pools

Calypso is a family owned business established in 1980 by Carlos Gonzalez, at that time a mere 23 year old with a vision that quality, beauty, and affordability must go hand in hand. Carlos was joined in 1981 by his half-brother Nilo Sierra. Nilo brings not only his expertise, but the.....Read more...

Address: 7400 NW 7 St. #111, Miami, FL 33126
Tel. (305)262-1424
Website: www.calypsopools.net

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Reef Tropical Pool _ Landscape at Florida Shopping Guide

Reef Tropical Pool & Landscape

You haven't come across your run of the mill Miami based Bootcamp or Personal Training program. In fact, what you've found is the fastest and most permanent way to get the results you've been looking for through a Transformation program. Essentially...Read more...

Address: 1A Barracuda Ln., Key Largo, FL 33037
Tel. (305)367-2005
Website: www.reeftropical.com

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Somar Pools, LLC at Florida Shopping Guide

Somar Pools, LLC

Somar Pools was created in an effort to change the way in which pools are cared for. The current owner started Somar Pools after working in his family's pool business in the Northeast for more than 15 years. His family has been in the swimming pool industry for over 25 years and is now the premier pool.....Read more...

Address: Click Here for Locations
Tel. Miami (305)257-1444 | Ft. Lauderdale (954)773-8892
Website: www.somarpools.com

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The swimming pool construction of today is so much more than it was decades ago. There are so many options for a swimming pool that can turn it from simple into spectacular. The pools build now are professionally designed starting with a thorough assessment of your yard space and surroundings. They account for the look and feel of your home and the changes in elevations as well as the existing landscapes. The swimming pool construction is made of some of the best materials available. Built with either Gunite, or Shotcrete, pools are built to last a lifetime. Engineering teams has professionally designed a high-tech blend of concrete and steel to form a shell of incredible strength. With this solid foundation, it can enhance the shape with a well thought out selection of colors and materials to create a look and feel that is beautiful from the inside-out! Florida’s swimming pools are well known to be unique in design and functionality and to survive the test of time.

An in-ground concrete swimming pool is a pool that is custom designed, engineered, and built to fit into the earth and surrounding structures. This type of swimming pool is typically built by excavating out the earth in the general shape of the pool design. Forms are then created to guide the steel and concrete to eventually become the pool shell. PVC plumbing is buried underground and run throughout the pool shell prior to the application of the concrete. A pneumatically applied concrete is cast in and around the plumbing and steel framework to create a unique, custom shaped swimming pool shell. Once hardened, a select blend of tiles, stonework, decorative concretes, and other finishes are added to produce a completed look and feel to the pool. Additional options such as water features, fire features, tanning ledges, lights and water purifiers are just a few variables to enhance the functionality and beauty of the pool. Spas can be integrated into the design to allow for a heated hydrotherapy soaking space. A dedicated circulation system for filtration, heating, and sanitizing is built in to keep the swimming pool clean and operational year round. Pools are used for many reasons, including recreational swimming, competitive training, rehabilitative therapy, stress relief, lifestyle enhancement, visual aesthetics, at-home entertaining and more.