Step/ Repeat Banners in Miami, Florida

FLSG line of step/repeat banners Sizes available from in 7.5′ ft. High x 10′ ft. Wide up to 7.5′ ft. High x 20′ ft. Wide. These Step and Repeat Banners are great for event backdrops!

Fabric is sewn like a pillowcase and simply slips over the frame and is attached under the frame with a zipper. The Flat, Curved and S-Shape fabric display stands are stretchy and when pulled tight eliminates all the wrinkles. Total set up time for 1 person is about 15 min.

Our step and repeat backdrop banners are perfect for all kinds of events whether its for a wedding, birthday, graduation party. Our step and repeat Banner can be customized to any arrangement. Create a photo backdrop that you can use to commemorate the event and create lasting photos that you can keep for a lifetime.

Step / Repeat Banners Features

Full Color

Any custom design, graphics or combinations of colors can be printed onto the Step / Repeat Banners.

Single and double-sided printing option available. 



The banner stand is engineered out of durable material for long-term usage.

Our material has been treated with a flame-retardant chemical or are inherently noninflammable.

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