Promotional Mailing Services (EDDM) in Miami

Need to create personalized messaging that will reach your target demographic? Print EDDM postcards that fulfill the USPS’ requirements. This direct mail strategy lets you reach a specific demographic at affordable rates. You can easily promote your business and expand your current market reach. Once your postcards are ready, USPS will deliver your message to every address in the selected postal route.

This removes the need to upload a mailing list or include a postage permit. At Florida Shopping Guide, we take care of every customization detail, from sizes that fit EDDM postcard requirements to cardstock that endures multiple handling.


Promotional Mailing Services (EDDM) Features


The 3 most popular Every Door Direct Mail postcard size options are:

6.5” x 9”

Oversized postcards 8.5" x 11"

Tri-fold menus 4.25" x 14"

Dimension Guidelines

  • Rectangular with four square corners or finished cor­ners that do not exceed a radius of 1/8 inch
  • One of the following: more than 11.5 inches long, more than 6 1/8 inches high, or more than 1/4 inch thick
  • Not more than 15 inches long, 12 inches high, or 3/4 inch thick.

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