Custom lanyards in Miami

If you are looking for multi-color or full-color logo printed on the lanyards, we have you covered. With new thermal printing technology, your logo and text will be transferred using the exact colors on to the lanyard.

Our Florida Shopping Guide 1/2″ Dye sublimation breakaway lanyards provide an added safety, feature disconnecting under pressure to eliminate choking risks. Great for complex full color logo with front and back full color edge to edge printing.

The lanyards are compatible with key chains, school ID, ID card, card wallets, and other small items you want to carry with you. Not only to they work as an accessory, but also solve the trouble of forgetting your ID, & you can enjoy being hands free. 

Custom Lanyard Features

Full Color

Any custom design, graphics or combinations of colors can be printed onto the lanyard., maximizing brand exposure!


Custom lanyards and name badges help to identify people who visit your business premises.

They’re useful for helping customers recognize your staff – and they improve security, too.

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