Custom Table Covers in Miami, Florida

FLSG line of custom table covers Made from a 100% Poly-Flex Material these Custom Table Covers fit snugly to your table by going over the feet of the table. Great for making your logo stand out in events!

Dress up your company easily and quickly, no tools required with our Custom Table Covers! You don't need any pins, staples or clips to hold our Table Covers onto your table!

 Our printers use unlimited full CMYK colors. These stretch table covers with logo print are made from a durable polyester material that is guaranteed to last.

Custom Table Covers

Full Color

Any custom design, graphics or combinations of colors can be printed onto the table covers.


The stretch style of the tablecloths allows the image to be fully visible at all times with no wrinkles, and it is stain-resistant, and flame-retardant

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